Everything about Facebook Applications

All About Facebook Applications -
As all of you know that, I am very much optimistic about the Information Age & Online Assets. Today we will discuss about one new type of Asset Class & that is Facebook Applications.
Yes, you have read true. Facebook Applications are New Asset Class.

Owning a Facebook Application (or a portfolio of Facebook Apps) is just like owning Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Businesses, Art, Cricket Team, Rare Wine & any other Asset Class……..
This is the Information Age & gone are the days of traditional offline Assets. Online Assets appreciates much faster than the traditional offline assets (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate…etc..).

$ - So are Facebook Applications Profitable?
Of course Yes. Facebook Applications are most profitable online assets. Few Facebook Applications earn as high as US $ 15 Millions per Annum.

$ - How to make money from Facebook Applications?
Well, there are basically 2 broad ways to make money from your Facebook Application.
01) Income -
Well, You can earn 2 types of Income by your FB App. One is Advertisement Income in which via third party you display the Advertisements on your FB App & whenever a User clicks on those adds, you are getting paid.
Second way to earn from FB Apps is by Selling Virtual Goods. You will be surprised by knowing that Selling Virtual Goods will make much more money for you rather than displaying third party adds on it.
So How making money from Selling Virtual Goods is Possible? Well, I will give you 2 Examples & you will understand that how can you earn money by Selling Virtual Goods by FB App.

- (Fluff) Friends -

(fluff)friends — a game reminiscent of the Japanese Tamagochi digital pets that you need to care for to prevent from virtually dying. In (fluff)friends, you choose a free virtual pet (or buy a fancier one) and display it on your profile page, let your friends pet it, feed it with virtual treats, enter it into virtual races, and adopt mini pets to keep it company — and a lot more, but you get the picture. You start caring about a cute virtual animal and all the things you can do with it, and pretty soon you whip out your credit card so you can buy it those virtual treats to make it grow virtually strong for the big virtual race. (This game is addicting for some personality types, but sadly not mine. See screenshot.)
The application has 112,229 daily active users now; note that this metric fluctuates based on time of day, week, month and season). Co-founder Mike Sego, a Google engineer currently on leave to focus on the application, isn’t giving any revenue numbers, except to say that the app makes more than a dollar per month per daily active users. That means somewhere in the low six digits, at least. Also, a fraction of the app’s paying users, he says, are spending hundreds or even thousands on their pets

It means that, Fluff Friends is making literally 6 Digit Income per Month in dollars for its owners.

- Mob Wars -
According to Industry sources, The Mob War will make US $ 15 Millions in next year by selling Virtual Goods in the Game.
These are just the 2 Examples of Facebook Apps. There are literally thousands….!!!!

02) Capital Gains -
Another way to make huge profit from Facebook Application is Capital Gains. Means you sell it for few years. & once it become popular, You sell it for Millions of Dollars.
So How to know the Net Worth of your FB App? Well, Here is a Site on which you can check the Valuation of any FB App.

You can sell your established FB application for literally millions of Dollars.
$ – How to Invest in FB Applications? -
So Next time if you have spare Money, you can Invest it in FB Applications. There are lots of Freelance writers who can make FB application for you for Money.
So Where to Find these Facebook Application Developers?

Well, On Elance.com you will find hundreds of Facebook application developers. Elance is a reputed website where freelance writers hang out.
$ – So Why FB Applications are profitable?
Well, you may not know that but the last month, Facebook has crossed the 200 Million Mark. Means now Facebook has 200 Million Users worldwide. Do you know that what it means?
Well, it means that The Population of Facebook is 5 times more than the population of the New York.

& If Facebook was a country than it was world’s fifth largest country population wise.
It means that, FB applications are profitable because of its users. You will find nowhere in the world this much amount of web traffic. Remember, Revenue is proportional to Web traffic.
$ – How much Money should I have to Invest to develop 1 Facebook Application?
Well, it really depends on so many factors such as which type of facebook application you want to build? Simple or 3D, Small-Medium or Large, Features you want….etc….
The fair market rate of FB Developers is US $ 12-25 per Hour.
If you want to make a Small FB Application than usually it will cost you around US $ 600 (Rs.30,000). For Medium Applications it will take US $ 1200 (Rs.60,000) & for large sized applications, it will take around US $ 2000-2500 (Rs.1 – 1.25 Lakhs).
However, it may go much more higher than this also.

But remember, Success of any FB app is not dependent on its size but its uniqueness, usefulness & its popularity.
Now in countries like India, I don’t think that you can afford Rs.30,000 to Rs.1.5 Lakhs behind Investing in such Asset classes. You spend lakhs of rupees behind IPOs & Speculation in the market than why not Invest in such type of Assets?

$ – Isn’t it Risky? -
You will than ask me that, Isn’t this type of Investment Risky?
Of course yes. Investment is FB app is Risky just like Investment in any other Asset class such as Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Businesses….etc…..
But if you have designed a FB app by using your brain than the chances are very unlikely that it will fail because there are more than 200 Million FB Users world wide.
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