How To Activate Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts to Use it Efficiently

Keyboard Shortcuts can make the work easy and fast provided you know them. Google Search is the most visited webpage on most of the computers so, here’s how you can make it efficient. By default, Keyboard Shortcuts aren’t enabled on Search Results.
An year ago or so, we saw a small blue arrow besides Search result link which symbolized cursor selection but it is no more. Now, Instant Preview has been integrated in search results.

Activate Keyboard Shortcuts on Google Search

To start using keyboard shortcut keys, you first need to activate it. To do that, just press Tab key on Search Results page. Continuing to press Tab key will select consecutive results from page.
Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Up and Down Arrow Key – Arrow moves up and down to select search results. If result includes Site-links then arrow will cover them too.

Right Key – Open an instant preview (image of webpage and lets you see how result webpage will look) on search page itself.

Left Key – Closes the opened instant preview.

Enter – Opens the Result in same tab.

Ctrl + Enter – Opens the Results page in New tab.

Shift + Enter – Opens the Results page in New Window.

It works on all modern browsers. I tried it on Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Now You try !!

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