50+ Handy Facebook Abbreviations To Use !!

While chatting on Internet or even Tweeting or Facebook, using Abbreviations are very common. Facebook being one of the most used Social networking site, chatting on Facebook and leaving comments is the fastest way to communicate for people, in these present times. Most of the people, who use Facebook, use short-hand, or different abbreviations to convey their messages in a faster manner. However, for people who are new to Facebook, it sometimes happens that they can’t understand the Facebook lingo that people uses when they write a comment, etc.

Some of the abbreviations, you might know about already, while some you might be hearing for the first time and not have the slightest idea about what they might mean.

However, I didn’t back down, and I guess my curiosity got the best of me as through a little hard work and a lot of asking around, I came to know about what the Facebook abbreviations, really meant and that is why I am writing this article to let you know some of the most commonly used words while chatting. So that you won’t have to face any trouble the next time someone writes something which you can’t understand and are too proud enough to ask someone for its meaning.

As far as I know, there must be hundreds of different text and Facebook abbreviations out there. However, I will only be telling you about some of them which I consider are useful to know about when you have a Facebook account. The Facebook slang you are going to read have been presented in an alphabetical order, and you might even be familiar with some of them while others, you must be reading for the very first time. For me, the list provided below is very useful when I am chatting with my friends or even doing some business talk with the people I work for.

A list of Facebook Abbreviations for Hard-core Chatters:

   1. ASAP: I really like this Facebook abbreviation. The next time you read this, keep in mind that it means “As Soon As Possible” and not something else you might have thought about.
   2. AAMOF: As a matter of fact.
   3. ADN: Any Day Now. It took me some time to realize what it meant.
   4. AKA: Also Known As.
   5. ATM: Nope, this doesn’t stand for the “ATM” machine. It means; at this moment.
   6. BBL: Be Back Later. A good way and fast way to tell people that you will be back soon.
   7. BC: Be Cool. I have used this one many times.
   8. BM: Bite Me. Yes, this might be handy under the correct circumstances. So, it is good that you know about it.
   9. BTW: By the Way.
  10. BRB: Be right back!
  11. BBQ:Better be quick.
  12. BOT: Back on Topic. Took me some time to realize it wasn’t short for robot.
  13. CFY: Calling For You.
  14. CTS: Changing the Subject.
  15. CU: It means the same as it sounds, See You!
  16. CUL: See you Later.
  17. DIY: Do it yourself.
  18. DND: The most useful Facebook chat code for: Do not Disturb.
  19. EOS: End of Story.
  20. F2F: Face to Face.
  21. FAQ: Many of you might already know about this one, Frequently asked questions.
  22. FB: My personal favorite. It means “Facebook”.
  23. FOS: Freedom of Speech.
  24. FYEO: A very special kind of abbreviation which means, For your eyes only.
  25. FYI: For your information. Again, many of us know about this one.
  26. G2B: Going to Bed.
  27. GAL: Get a Life.
  28. GR8: Great.
  29. GtG: Got to Go.
  30. HAND: Have a Nice Day.
  31. IC: As same as it sounds, stands for; I See.
  32. IDC: I don’t care.
  33. IMO: In my opinion.
  34. IMHO: In my humble opinion
  35. IS: I’m sorry.
  36. JAM: Just a minute.
  37. JIC: Just in Case.
  38. L8R: Later.
  39. LAM: Leave a message.
  40. LMA: Leave me alone.
  41. LMHO: Laughing my Head off.
  42. LMK: Let me know.
  43. LOL: Laugh out loud.
  44. Msg: Message.
  45. NP: No problem.
  46. OMG: Oh my God. If you ask me, I find this Facebook abbreviation very useful.
  47. PM: Private Message. I though it meant the ‘PM’ in time for very long.
  48. Q4U: Question for you.
  49. r8: Right
  50. S2R: Send to Receive.
  51. TCO: Taken Care of.
  52. TMI: Too much information.
  53. TxT: Text.
  54. W8AM: Wait a minute.
  55. WTF: What the fuck
  56. WTH: What the heck
  57. SOS: Someone on shoulder

There are also a lot of other Fb abbreviations that people use; however, I have provided you with a list of 50 abbreviations that are most commonly used while texting or chatting. Though, make sure you use these abbreviations while chatting only, and avoid them at any cost while writing professional Email or having a conversation. As, using abbreviated words while talking are considered as spam in standard english.

Keep in mind that you might be seeing new and undiscovered Facebook abbreviations if you are an active user and know a lot of people who belong to different age groups. This is because people belonging to different age groups have their own abbreviations that might differ from the ones which people use who belong to other age groups.

You can even try to come up with your own Facebook abbreviations and maybe the abbreviations that you come up with might start to be used by other people as well.

Here are some useful resources from Internet, which will help you to find more such words which you can use while texting:

    * Abbreviations.com
Well, such list are endless and every day people come up with new lingo, so the best way is to keep yourself updated and in case of doubt, there is no shame to ask the other person or you can quickly Google the meaning.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a grandparent, a child or a teenager, etc. If you use Facebook, then I believe that it is better that you know about the proper meanings of common Facebook slang that you might come across when you use your Facebook account. Do let us know, which Facebook abbreviation you have discovered recently or created yourself. And if you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus !!

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