How Can I Transfer my Blogspot Blog to Private Host?

Previously I have discussed about How to transfer blogspot to private Domain name. Here I discuss about how to transfer blogspot blog to private host.
There are basically 3 types of Web Hosting Plans available on HostGator.
01) Shared Hosting
02) Reseller Hosting &
03) Dedicated Hosting

It depends on the amount of web traffic you have. for small sized blogs, it is advisable to go for Shared Hosting while for Large sized blogs it is advisable to for Dedicated Hosting.
Now, there are several reasons for transferring your blog from Blogspot hosting to the private hosting. One commonest reason is, you want to host your blog on Wordpress. Because Wordpress has more features than Blogspot. Second thing is that, your blog is becoming giant one and that’s why you don’t want to host it on the FREE Hosting Platform (Blogger). So Technically speaking, you need to transfer the data of your old blog from the old server (Blogspot) to the new server.

Step:1 Getting a support from the both the team.
Zipping your websites and your databases: Before compressing your data you need to make sure that your databases have a name which will allow you to identify them in order to match them with the corresponding website, if they do not have very descriptive names then you might want to go into the settings of your scripts in order to see which side is using which database. Zipping or compressing your data should be the first thing that you do when you move from one company to another, you can compress your websites in two different formats you can use a .zip file or you can use a .zip.tar extension which will basically allow you to do the very same thing. Compressing your information allows for a faster data transfer from one place to another, this is a step they do not want to neglect or skip because if you did not compress your data you will end up spending hours upon hours transferring your sites from one company to another.

Step: 2 Using an FTP program to upload your site and your databases:
Again this is a very difficult process and will require a support of your new hosting company team. 

Step: 3 Changing the DNS records:
the DNS records are two lines of information which point towards the web server that you're using, when you decide to move from one company to another the DNS records will be pointing to the old company's server, by changing the DNS records you will basically shift the arrow towards your new server. Once you set new DNS information it will take some time to propagate across the web so don't expect your sites to be immediately available, DNS propagation usually takes between 15 minutes all the way to 72 hours so be patient.

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