Invest in Websites and Multiply Your Money

There are several websites and Blogs available on the online marketplaces in which you can invest your money and multiply your money like anything. In fact, many Internet Entrepreneurs are making literally 6 figure income in dollars every year by buying and selling websites on the Online market places like and

According to me, if you plan to invest in websites and blogs than is the best market place to find a good web property. Just go to Flippa and see from their listing. Keep in mind the following points before buying a website.

- Alexa Traffic Rank (Less than 10,00000 is better)
- Google Page Rank (more than or equal to 3 is better)
- Monthly Web traffic (page views & Unique Visitors)
- Google AdSense Revenue of past 3 months at least
- Any other Income stream

If you satisfy with the above criterias than buy that website/blog. Google AdSense is a passive income stream. It takes a time to develop this income but once developed, it will be life long. Buying a website is just like buying a rental property means as long as you hold it, you will have a steady passive income every month (Google AdSense) and when you sell it, you will have a great Capital Gains profit just like selling your rental property.

So if you have spare money to invest than try web property this time.

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