Top 5 Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

All of you know that Google Adsense is the king of pay per click advertising . Adsense is quite profitable and beneficial for the bloggers as well as for the advertisers . But some bloggers and advertisers don’t like adsense , i don’t know why because i prefer it and recommend it to all of you . So far , Adsense has been the best earning source of my blog . Now lets go to our work , what i was telling that there some other advertising networks which are really good and can can be compared with google adsense . Now i am going to list the top 5 alternatives of google adsense which are very popular and demanded these days.

[1] Adhitz :- Adgitize has been very popular among various publishers and bloggers as it is 100% legit and it accepts all type of publishers and bloggers . The minimum payout is 25$ which can be transferred through paypal and alertpay . I am personally using it .

[2] Adgitize :- Adgitize could be quite beneficial for the small bloggers as well as for the big publishers . You can earn through adgitize by placing their ads on your blog and you will be also paid for publishing posts in your blog . In order to earn by posting articles on your blog , you have to submit your blog’s rss feed url to adgitize . The minimum payout amount is 10$ and you will be automatically paid once you reach your minimum payout . I think it could an amazing earning source for the small bloggers .

[3] Smowtion :- It is one of the most popular advertising network on the internet . It is very popular because of its compatibility of ads with other networks like adsense and text link ads . It is mainly focused on eCPM and PPC . The eCPM rates are quite higher as compared to the other adsense alternatives and it approves all kind of blogs . The minimum payout is 10$ .

[4] Clicksor :- Clicksor is a part of yesup advertising solution which is very popular these days . Although it doesn’t have much advertisers , it really have a very high click through rate (CTR) . The minimum payout is 50$ but i think that it will not take much time to reach the minimum payout because of its high CTR rate .

[5] Adclickmedia :- Adclickmedia is a new advertising solution but it has become a very popular advertising solution in a short period of time . It is a division of multiple stream media which is a very popular online company . It seemed to be very legit and the minimum payout is 50$ .

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